Trilegal Office

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Reimagining the brand identity for a law firm through the expression of Indian craft forms


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Trilegal's new office space, spread over an area of 21,350 sq ft, occupies the first floor of a commercial tower in the corporate heart of Gurugram. The office is a nod to their distinct brand identity—<rt-red>native of their nationwide presence and embodying their future-forward vision, yet inherent rootedness in traditional Indian values.<rt-red>

The contemporary workplace is in a continual state of flux. Workspaces today are expected to reinforce the company identity through their planning and design vocabulary to instil a sense of belonging and well-being, promote innovation, and cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas. The corporate offices for Trilegal are designed to engender these ideas through <rt-red>strategic planning, a timeless material palette, and the superimposition of contemporized expressions of traditional craft forms.<rt-red>

Peripheral seating near the glazed wall features <rt-red>timber slats of abstract hexagonal shapes to complement the strong geometry of the space.<rt-red> Interspersed with green planters that provide relief from taxing digital screens, it serves multiple purposes such as being a breakaway space, a private workspace or a space for having casual discussions.

The workstations are laid out in a honeycomb-like zigzag configuration, intended to create two and four-seater private work pods facing away from each other, while still accommodating team discussions and collaborations. Workspaces are dotted with pods catering to a team of four and two—designed and engineered in collaboration with MKraft to allow privacy and flexibility for the team to work together. The pods are separated using blue and green sound-absorbing matter wall partitions while also serving as soft boards. Large composite panels are used to devise a system of floating ceilings, which gives a sense of space to the workstation and improves acoustic performance. The panels feature <rt-red>Ajrakh block prints from Kutch, and are numbered, to facilitate wayfinding within the workspace.<rt-red>

A corridor opens into the peripheral space behind the staircase, housing a library, cafeteria, phone booths, and smaller pockets of seating. Smaller craft expressions dot this space; for instance, the ikat handloom craft and shibori fabric art decorate the walls of the phone booths. These pods have been hand-painted with Hindi letters to differentiate them from each other. <rt-red>Aligning with Trilegal's vision, Indian art and craft traditions have been expressed in the interior design vocabulary of the spaces. This was undertaken in collaboration with Jaya Jaitley, President and Founder at Dastkari Haat Samiti, who brought together diverse crafts from across the country to create <rt-red>distinct spatial identities for each of the interior spaces.

Rich details, embedded mystery, and humour of the Gond  tribal art from Central India have been skillfully captured by artisans on the walls of the meeting room. True to their age-old storytelling traditions, elements of nature that are recurrent motifs of the tribal art <rt-red>—tigers, deer, birds, flowing rivers, flowering trees, and snakes—have been translated on a green background to evoke the imagery of a forest.<rt-red>

A transitional space between workspaces and the reception, the Town Hall is a notional extension to the latter and divides the office floor into equal halves. Placed at the centre of the office, it serves as a breakout space where employees can interact and relax during a hectic work day. The rear wall displays trophies, books, and a coffee machine, lending it a casual vibe.

Carrying forward the art and craft expressions, Kashmiri paintings have been used to decorate the lighting fixtures in the corridor connecting the meeting rooms to the reception. The copper lamps complement the perforated terracotta cladded walls of the corridor;embedded with lights, the wall creates a smooth transition between the workspaces and ancillary functions. <rt-red>The Trilegal office is a nod to how craft expressions can be incorporated in the workspace design vocabulary to create a unique yet compelling brand identity.<rt-red>

<rt-red>Kyoorius Design Awards 2021<rt-red>
Interior Design - Baby Blue Elephant Winner