RARO House Of Fashion

Retail | New Delhi
A cohesive retail experience tying together two unique clothing brands


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True to their roots in materials and details, yet contemporized in cut and fit, women's fashion in the subcontinent is going through a subtle renaissance spearheaded by ethnic-inspired labels and collections—<rt-red>geared towards the modern Indian woman who is confident in her identity and experimental in her style.<rt-red>

Committed to this trend transformation is the RARO House Of Fashion, whose flagship store brings together two designer brands—Matsya, Utkarsh Ahuja's label for couture trousseau for the unconventional bride, and Basanti Ke Kapde, which reimagines ethnic off-the-rack daily wear and occasion wear with contemporary silhouettes and styles. <rt-red>Together, the two brands provide a modern spin on traditional women's clothing—this spirit of reinvention and ingenuity ties the two labels together, despite their difference in focus and expression.<rt-red>

The design plays up these differences to create two distinct spatial experiences within the same floorplate, without disrupting the visual and tectonic connections between the zones. 

The design of the two retail zones takes the floorplate configuration into account to house both brands within bespoke built environments, without undue alteration of the existing shell. A central atrium space on the first floor, fitted with membrane lighting to mimic an open-to-sky courtyard, marks the entrance to the contiguous retail experience. One end of the courtyard, towards the east-facing glazed front, opens into Basanti Ke Kapde. <rt-red>The other end, oriented towards the back of the building, opens into Matsya. The zoning ensures that Basanti, which carries more casual clothing, occupies the naturally lit end of the floorplate, whereas Matsya, which is characterised by heavier and more dramatic styles, has been placed in the dimmer half.<rt-red>


The retail zones are further divided into smaller room-like spaces, delineated by the display system; each room features its own furniture cluster, to create a relaxed and personable shopping experience for the visitors. <rt-red>The sub-zones within Matsya consists of a men's section, a semi-bridal attire section, and a bridal atelier and consultation space for bespoke garments. The bridal atelier has been placed towards the back of the store, for privacy, whereas the semi-bridal section and men's section open directly into the courtyard.<rt-red>

The design approach is governed primarily by the disparities between the two brands housed within; from the broader zoning to the nuanced decor choices, the design strategy navigates the duality of Matsya and Basanti without disconnecting the two. <rt-red>The palette of stone, concrete and timber is customised to create distinct yet cohesive spatial expressions for the two zones.<rt-red>