Motodo Pizzeria

F&B | Mumbai
This new eatery by Reliance Brands Limited brings the quaint charm of Southern Italy to BKC's Jio World Drive.


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The design of Motodo, an all-new pizzeria at BKC's (Bandra-Kurla Complex) Jio World Drive takes cues from Italy's traditional trattorias to provide an immersive and authentic dining experience. <rt-red>The eatery's name is a simple yet fitting portmanteau of the three key ingredients that make the base of nearly all Italian fare—mozzarella, tomato, and dough.<rt-red> The warm interiors feature a material palette rooted in Italy's rich epicurean legacy with marble, timber, leather and wrought-iron furniture by Lap and Dado.

Abutted by restaurants on either side, the 1750 sqft eatery occupies a rectangular footprint on the mall's second floor, with a fully glazed wall concluding the rear end. <rt-red>As per the client brief, it was imperative to accommodate an interactive open kitchen and bar where guests could observe piping hot pizzas being dished out as they emerge from the wood-fired oven.<rt-red>

Inspired by the energy of a traditional Italian kitchen, the eatery offers diners numerous ways to interact with the live kitchen, by introducing varying lines of sight. <rt-red>Terracotta tiles form the backdrop of the live kitchen, complemented by glazed blue tiles and timber panelling<rt-red> along the elevation of the counter. Concealed behind the kitchen's rear wall are a closed preparation, storage and wash space.

<rt-red>Seating clusters arranged around it, including a cocoon-like C-shaped booth nestled within the kitchen counter heightens the immersive, multi-sensory culinary experience the restaurant hopes to offer by enabling guests to directly engage with the art of pizza-making.<rt-red> Above, a handcrafted, stained glass installation resembling a floating lightbox cloaks the stainless steel hob. The centrepiece of the elaborate kitchen is a wood-fired oven, clad in mosaic tiles in warm shades ranging from beige to brick to red. An interplay of proportions is visible in the installation with mosaic tiling and brickwork adding a sophisticated playfulness to the space—yet another nod to Italian design sensibilities.

The kitchen's black marble counter extends to form a bar towards one side, complete with complementing bar stools. In-situ terrazzo flooring by Greenheart Floors with <rt-red>bronze-tinted glass chips and copper spacers laid out in a diagonal grid on the floor glint as the light hits it at different angles,<rt-red> complemented by the patterned cement tiles by Bharat Floorings that characterise the verandah.

The eatery's rear glazed wall presented an opportunity for the design team to develop an enclosed light-filled verandah—a phenomenon that one rarely encounters in an F&B outlet within a mall. <rt-red>The al-fresco dining in the verandah is outfitted with patio-style furniture woven with outdoor-grade yarn—further animated by a collection of plants.<rt-red> The space is enriched by the use of timber and green Udaipur stone, creating a comprehensive and culturally-relevant material palette.

The facade is a composition of grillwork, frosted and clear glass, establishing a connection with the mall while screening the interiors to afford guests varying degrees of privacy. <rt-red>Motodo is a celebration of familiar details that cohere into a veritable portrait of Italy's intimate relationship with food.<rt-red> It is an ode to the hospitality and conviviality that the country is renowned for, and speaks of nostalgia for a largely bygone era amidst the hubbub of the 21st-century food scene.