House in a Garden

Homes | Goodlands, Mauritius
Designed for a couple and their two young children, House In A Garden seeks to strengthen the connect between man and nature.

<h5-red>CLIENT<h5-red> RISHAAD CURRIMJEE I <h5-red>AREA<h5-red> 9,000 SQFT I <h5-red>STATUS<h5-red> COMPLETED IN 2018 | <h5-red>PHOTOGRAPHER<h5-red> KARL AHNEE | <h5-red>STRUCTURE<h5-red> ARUP | <h5-red>INTERIOR DESIGN<h5-red> DANIEL DE ROBILLARD

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Situated at the northern tip of Mauritius, Goodlands is one of the most densely populated areas. At the centre of this are large swathes of reserved forested lands, <rt-red>on the periphery of which sits the House In A Garden.<rt-red>

The site is surrounded by forested land on two sides; the client wished to have a large garden within his property. The garden, occupying more than half of the site, sits as a buffer between the built area and the surrounding wilderness. With all living spaces arranged along a central spine, the built mass of the house is characterised <rt-red>by timber-shuttered concrete walls folding inwards to create multiple niches and courts in a built envelope. This spine manifests itself as the internal corridor which connects all living spaces sequentially.<rt-red>

The Sembhal trees retained on site determine the spatial layout of the residence, <rt-red>with multiple balconies and windows opening out to glorious views of their dense canopies.<rt-red>

The facade modulates itself in accordance with the function of the interior spaces—changing from a cantilevered overhang that forms the entrance forecourt, to the conservatory structure that <rt-red>frames the dining room from the South-East side, and leading to the kitchen on the extreme North-West which opens out to the deck and swimming pool.<rt-red>

All openings in the house have been designed keeping in mind the climatic conditions of Mauritius. The larger openings have been fitted with mild steel doors specially designed to withstand the frequent cyclones that the country experiences during summers.<rt-red> The openings of the living room are glazed, framed by narrow slit windows to allow for cross-circulation through the house without the need to slide open the glazed windows.<rt-red>

Almost all the timber used in the house—from the planked false ceiling, to the timber floors—is reclaimed teak; most of the basalt used on the walls is from the dismantled structure on site.<rt-red>The minimalist materiality provides a suitable backdrop for the clients' extensive art collection, and for integrating reclaimed architectural elements into the home.<rt-red>

Studio Lotus became a part of AD100 list that features <rt-red>the most influential architects and interior designers in the subcontinent.<rt-red>