life at lotus

Our studio of 100+ people work out of a small space in an urban village called Lado Sarai, in New Delhi. It is an old house which has been adapted, and which we have slowly expanded into over the years as we have grown. The workspaces extend into outdoor verandahs that overlook a lush, green courtyard, bringing freshness and tranquility to our work lives.

A big part of our practice is creating activities that help build our culture and build us as a unit.

One of our sacred rituals is eating communally. Right since our first year of operation, Umesh-ji, our star chef, cooks delicious home-made food for us all to eat together on our rooftop cafeteria. People who eat together, work well together!
More formally, we build competencies, skills and culture through regular Learning & Development and Coaching sessions. Reflection, for us, is a key tool for self-growth.
Quarterly L-Connect days are a platform for us to engage in team-building activities, have icebreaking sessions for new joiners, and invite leading practitioners to speak on topics varying from design to wellbeing.