Co-working Spaces and Digital Nomadism

What does the Future of Work Look Like?

In recent years, the gig economy has enabled the emergence of co-working spaces, granting unprecedented autonomy to professionals, and helping them attain a work-life balance. <rt-red> As the debate between remote working and working from the office gains heat in the middle of the pandemic, a new work model seems to have caught on : Digital Nomadism. <rt-red>

Online workflows and remote collaboration allow one to work virtually any location with a good network connection and a comfortable workspace (a beautiful view wouldn't hurt, either). As a result, these third places for work are becoming an increasingly sought-after option, offering the comfort of working in one's own space with the reliable amenities of an office environment. Indian architects and designers are catching on to this phenomenon, and are designing workspaces for hybrid work where both virtual communications and in-person interactions can take place seamlessly.

<rt-red> At Studio Lotus, we have designed lively, vibrant co-working spaces across different typologies. <rt-red> It's crucial to ensure these places provide multiple work options: from hotdesks and soundproof cabins to collaborative zones for creative brainstorming. Recreational areas like cafes, libraries, or gaming zones are also essential for an additional spurt of creativity or to let off steam.

Located in a residential complex in Bengaluru's tech hub, Fields Club has diverse amenities spread across three levels, including a hot-desking space, a library, a cafe, and a creche, providing a secure social hub for young professionals and their families. Similarly, the lobby of Aloft Hotels in New Delhi weaves small pockets of activities into a free-flowing open office, with seating clusters, reading nooks, and pool tables separated by louvred partitions and shelving.

The Upstage Club at Roseate House in New Delhi is a co-working space by day and a bar lounge by night—a social hub that unites meeting rooms, workspaces, and a bar into a semi-formal plug-and-play setting. <rt-red> Such shared spaces with a mix of amenities—when designed sensitively—can stimulate new opportunities for business and growth. <rt-red>

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