Fields Club

Leisure I Whitefield, Bengaluru
A clubhouse designed to provide a ‘Live, Work and Play’ experience to Bengaluru’s young working professionals within a suburban Residential Complex.

<h5-red>CLIENT<h5-red> GOYAL & CO. I <h5-red>AREA<h5-red> 15,000 SQ FT I <h5-red>STATUS<h5-red> COMPLETED | <h5-red>PHOTOGRAPHER<h5-red> RAVI ASRANI | <h5-red>TEAM<h5-red> ANKUR CHOKSI, KRISTEL SEQUEIRA & SHIKHA GUPTA

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Designed in collaboration with StoryStudio and envisioned as a recreational wing for the Orchid Whitefield residential development, the Fields Club offers a wide mix of amenities to young professionals and their families, <rt-red>incorporating a rich visual vocabulary, plush materials, and vibrant artworks to appeal to the well-heeled client base.<rt-red>

The size and configuration of the larger functions, especially the centrally-placed staircase, created significant zoning constraints that shaped the emergent design solution. <rt-red>The second guiding principle was the creation of an intuitive flow and engaging interconnections between the various spaces, in order to curate a holistic leisure experience.<rt-red>

The central staircase emerges as the primary focal point with the various activity zones wrapped around its central circulation core, on three different levels—with viewing balconies looking into the space from the topmost level. <rt-red>It sits framed in the triple-height atrium, establishing lines of sight to various amenities as soon as one enters the building.<rt-red>

The ground floor spaces have been planned to serve as a nodal point of the community, accommodating social gatherings, F&B spaces, as well as opportunities for co-working. On the first floor are the indoor sports and gaming zones, and an AV room for group usage. <rt-red>The second level houses all the health facilities, including a gym, a yoga room, and a dedicated steam and spa facility.<rt-red>

For the facade treatment, an aluminium screening system has been designed as an outer skin to the glazing. The design brief of the Fields Club aims to create a relaxed vibe, <rt-red>establishing a minimalist architectural expression as the core spatial identity with distinctive interior elements—be they colours and patterns, material finishes, or tectonic inserts—to enable specific activities.<rt-red>

The material palette engages a rich combination of natural finishes. Recurrent gestures help create a cohesive narrative throughout the clubhouse. At the ground floor level, seating pockets have been delineated through a cast in-situ stone inlay pattern that mimics a notional rug in the terrazzo. <rt-red>Another recurrent element is a simplified arch form, manifesting in various sizes and configurations—be it as the porous partition system in the games area, in the design of the gantry atop the cafe counter, or the metal profile for vanity mirrors in the washrooms.<rt-red>

A wide colour palette of pastel shades and visually engaging patterns—with specially sourced furniture from multiple suppliers such a <rt-red>Mangrove Collective and artworks from local artists such as Kashmira Sarode and Aambo Studio—helps create a sense of place for each zone.<rt-red> The gaming zone on the first floor features high-octane illustrations that are inspirational and uninhibited in their use of colours; <rt-red>their incorporation also exhibits a viable model of patronage for local artists within commercial developments.<rt-red>

The resultant space has elevated the notion of the conventional residential clubhouse by creating a <rt-red>differentiated experience, providing direction for future developments by the brand.<rt-red>