The Quorum Gurugram

Leisure I Two Horizon Centre, Gurugram
A seamless spatial experience combining leisure and learning, crafted to create an urban commune.

<h5-red>CLIENT<h5-red> VIVEK NARAIN & SONYA JEHAN (INDOMALAYA) I <h5-red>AREA<h5-red> 21,500 SQFT I <h5-red>STATUS<h5-red> COMPLETED IN 2018 | <h5-red>PHOTOGRAPHE<h5-red>R RANDHIR SINGH

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The Quorum is a members-only lifestyle destination in Gurugram; spread over 22,000 sq.ft. <rt-red>It provides an energising social and creative environment for its members and their guests.<rt-red>

A seedbed for meaningful conversations, contemplation and creative thought, The Quorum has been conceptualised to position itself at the cerebrally potent intersection of art, business, literature, music, tech, exploration and creativity. <rt-red>The Quorum aspires to become the "Third Space' for its patrons—evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity, like one's own home, and cerebrally invigorating and aspirational, like one's ideal place of work.<rt-red>

The Spatial layout of The Quorum consists of a large floor plate comprising two wings bridged by a corridor; with members' only spaces and <rt-red>guest spaces split across the corridor. Both wings house a mix of private and community functions strategically sequenced to provide a seamless lifestyle experience.<rt-red>

The spread of facilities at The Quorum encompasses a reception, members’ lounge, library, work zones, conference areas, a restaurant, café & bar, a state-of-the art <rt-red>gym by Sumaya and several multi-use studios/spaces for fitness sessions, and various events.<rt-red>

With the purpose being to surprise and delight, the idea of layered experiences takes centre-stage in the project's design. A muted shell becomes the backdrop against which a secondary layer of vibrant inserts has been placed, to lend a distinct character to each space while maintaining visual cohesion for the whole project. <rt-red>The woven pattern—as borrowed from the brand's visual identity—becomes a recurrent motif throughout the spaces, tying the varied experiences together.<rt-red>