The Quadrant House

Homes | Raipur, Chhattisgarh
A multi-generational residence on the outskirts of Raipur, The Quadrant House blends new notions of luxury with nature and light.


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Located in a plotted development in the outskirts of Raipur, the 1.2 acre site lies at the heart of the community's public space—the complex's temple stands to its south, the clubhouse sits across its northern end, and an arterial road forms its western edge. The architectural expression of the house is inspired by the rice granaries located near the site. <rt-red>Designed to resemble two barn-style volumes sitting atop a solid structure, the upper levels of the residential block are capped by pitched roofs and wrapped in zinc panels, while the lower levels are clad with travertine.<rt-red>

<rt-red>A driveway leads visitors to a shaded entrance porch, where a sculptural staircase greets them in the lobby connecting to the first floor.<rt-red> The lobby connects to the formal living and dining room towards the lawns and the kitchen and service spaces to the south.

The site's zoning emerged from Vastu principles, which resulted in two intersecting axes of movement that divide the house into four blocks. At the intersection of the two axes lie the heart of the home—the family living and dining area, where the seven members of the household congregate. <rt-red>The shared spaces of the house are oriented towards a landscaped court, with sliding windows offering uninterrupted views of the lawn and the pool house beyond.<rt-red>

<rt-red>The subdued palette of the exterior is balanced by a rich display of natural materials in the interior decor, expressed in floor patterns, wall cladding, and furniture elements.<rt-red> The flooring features pristine white  Thassos & grey William marble, laid in a pattern inspired by a rug weave. It accentuates the length of the circulation across the house.

Rugs with Indian-inspired motifs add a vibrant touch to the residence's bare stone and wood floors, along with draperies in rich silk that feature embroidery and patterned weaves.

The house is furnished with statement pieces by international brands, and balanced with bespoke furniture by Mangrove Collective that incorporates local patterns and indigenous techniques into the mix. <rt-red>Contemporary Indian art is featured at different locations around the house.<rt-red>

Wood is used to imbue a sense of warmth, with hardwood flooring, cabinetry, timber accents, and pitched roofs encased in wood. <rt-red>The natural material palette in the interior spaces exudes a sense of tranquillity that permeates the home.<rt-red>

<rt-red>The landscape strategy creates a vibrant visual palette that stands out in its muted background while maintaining a sense of privacy.<rt-red> Tall flowering trees like Gulmohars line the periphery to screen views from the outside, creating a high-density boundary. Low-level flowering plants demarcate the internal driveway from the lawn. A mix of fruit and flowering trees, bonsais, and shrubs create a dynamic, variegated environment, with white, green, and purple flowers forming an eclectic canvas of seasonal blooms.

The outhouse is encased in a dark local limestone contrasting with the light travertine, with the swimming pool patio floor, visualised as an extension, rendered in the same material. <rt-red>The pool-house flanks the northern edge of the lawn, with a deep verandah forming a canopy above it.<rt-red> It also acts as a buffer between the community clubhouse and the residence, easing the transition from public to private areas.

Balancing the aspirations and varied tastes of the home's multi-generational residents, <rt-red>The Quadrant House reflects their sensibilities in a subdued but visually unique expression, weaving in spaces for reflection and recreation amidst nature.<rt-red>