Modi Enterprises

Workplace I New Friends Colony, New Delhi
Located in New Friends Colony in New Delhi, the corporate office for Modi Enterprises has been designed as a 'home office', where all the elements of the interiors are designed to reflect the concept cohesively.

<h5-red>CLIENT:<h5-red> MKM GROUP I <h5-red>AREA:<h5-red> 6,000 SQ FT I <h5-red>STATUS:<h5-red> COMPLETED IN 2011 I <h5-red>TEAM:<h5-red> AMBRISH ARORA, ANKUR CHOKSI I <h5-red>PHOTOGRAPHER:<h5-red> ASIF KHAN

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A quirky 'home office’ feel was brought alive by with the curation of accent pieces of furniture, artworks on the walls, lighting elements and use of graphics in a very structured layout.

The two floors of the building are connected by a vibrant light metal staircase that provides a visual connection across the two floors. Stepping into the workspace, one can see work pods along the edges where light floods in through glass walls, and shared work tables in ebony placed in the middle.

Bold use of colour and varying scale of graphic treatments on the ceilings, walls, furniture and floors stitched everything together with a continuity of printed geometric patterns, extending all the way; to even small details such as file-folders.

The enclosed cabins and workspaces are laid out on the inner edge and common workspaces on the facade edge. Large openings overlooking the big neighbouring trees bring in ample daylight and a sense of freshness that can be enjoyed by all the users of the workspace.