The New Glamp | Architectural Digest

October 2020

At RAAS Chhatrasagar, Rajasthan, the birds are everywhere. They linger amidst prickly bushes and stroll past the shallows of the lake; some can even be found inside the RAAS tents, imagined in delicate embroidery, fitting past woodblock prints of knobbly trees. The birds, in fact, are the headliners of the diverse wildlife that envelops RAAS Chhatrasagar, a boutique tented camp perched atop a dam built in 1890 by Thakur Chhatra Singh of Nimaj. In 2019, his great-grandsons Harshvardhan and Nandivardhan Rathore—who created the camp in 2000—joined forces with Nikhilendra and Dhananjay Singh of RAAS to reimagine the Chhatrasagar experience.

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