How green is your building?

September 2019

Krushi Bhawan, spread over 1.3 lakh square feet and four floors, was envisioned by Chief Minister Naveen Patnik as the office of the Odisha state Department for Agriculture and Farmers' Empowerment, in Bhubaneshwar.The Project was commissioned, in 2013, to Studio Lotus, an Architectural firm based in Delhi, which adopts the principle of conscious design and uses local resources and cultural influences."For us, the project and its stakeholders determine the material and technology that goes into the making of a building," says Sidhartha Talwar, design principal at Studio Lotus. "We strive to produce designs that server as solutions to a set of pertinent questions, rather than as products of a creative exercise. The solutions that emerges are a direct result of stakeholder engagement, a collaborative process from start to end."

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